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Ella is a beautiful small village in Sri Lanka's hill country with little more than a handful of shops, hotels and guesthouses, but it has an almost perfect climate and occupies a very scenic vantage point, with views on a fine day stretching right across the South Coast of Sri Lanka.Ella is an imporatant destination in the History of Sri lanka which belongs to the period of King Rawana.

Ella is surrounded by many tourist attractions in Sri lanka which are not to be missed by a traveller.

Some of the important attractions near Ella are as follows - The distance mentioned within bracket is the distace from the Hotel to the relevent place.

Ella Gap
On Ella Rock ( 4 Km )
Little Adams Peak ( 3 km )
On top of the Little Adamspeak
Ella Railway Station ( 1 km )
Bogoda Wooden Bridge ( 32 km )
Nine Arched Demodara Bridge
Diyaluma Waterfall ( 32 km )
Dunhinda Waterfall ( 28 km )
Rawana Waterfall ( 6 km )
Dova Temple ( 6 km )
In Dova Temple
Haplewatte tea estate ( 8 km )
Haplewatte tea Factory
Muthiyangena Dageba ( 28 km )
In the Temple - Muthiyangana
Rawana cave ( 3 km )

In addition to the excursions to above attractions, the surrounding area is ideal for following activities.

  • Hiking , Trekking
  • Bird Watching
  • Adventure activities
  • Camping in the Jungle
  • Nature Watch / Nature Photography


Brief descriptions on nearby attractions
Little Adamspeak
A scenic mountain in Ella area which is considered as Small Sripada (Little Adam’s Peak) has become an attraction to local and foreign tourist. A large number of people visit the area to admire its scenic beauty. Small Sripada is located about 2 km from the Ella town. From this location Kataragama and the Hambantota beach which are hundreds of kilometers away can also be seen. The Namunukula, Poonagala and Narangala mountain ranges also located on near this place. The mount extent about 10 acres some of the Small Sripada is full of biodiversity.

1 Ella rock –It is avail at your foot walk and avail to climb with or without adventure guide and it is scenic. Nature offers it freely and we will arrange your walk or ride free too. Only additional amenities will cost slightly otherwise your leisure time will not be a burden to your wallet however.
1 Rawana waterfall and caves – This is a waterfall split to two streams washing a hard rock stone, which is more dangerous to climb, but some athletes do. Highly photogenic. Your day spent there will not be a waste at all. Very close to hotel and at the alongside of the roadway.
1 Tea factory – You can explore the manufacturing of tea from tea plucking to packing and easily spend your day and do not forget to arrange your meetings, which is highly secret at this calm and cool journey. You are going to have newest experience seeing TEA process with one of your most important ambition of the Sri Lanka tour. Treat your Financial Advisor surprising him but without bribing, it is a low cost gift only.
1 Dova temple – An ancient Buddhist temple attracted by lots of travelers, with a historical value. Much things see worthy. Dova is a small village very close to hotel and why do not you explore the map? It is on there for your arrival. Not a hard journey.
Namunukula mountain range – Ideal for adventure and nature lovers for an unforgettable trekking and rock climbing. A middle heighted mountain, which take your day but lovely. Many artists valued this precious place in their songs, novels and poems. Have a bath at a water stream. Small group only, please. Otherwise, we cannot manage.
Dunhinda waterfall – The most scenic waterfall in Sri Lanka. A loud singing of fall will tell you a historical story but a little bit of hard foot journey needed to reach there. Place worthy treatments you may have there but no luxurious hotels nearby.
Nine Arch Bridge (arukku 9 palama)

This Bridge is situated 2 km away from Ella town along "Passara" road between "Ella" and "Demodara" Railway Stations. 

Built by the British in the early 20th century, the station and the Nine Arcs bridge were engineering marvels of the day. This name is used since the bridge contains of 9 arches. It is also known as “Ahas Nawaya Palama” (9 Skies Bridge) and this bridge is 300 feet long and 25 feet wide. Located almost 3100 feet above the sea level. The bridge connects with two high lands and has been made of large cubic stones.

 This massive bridge is built entirely of solid rocks, bricks and cement without using a single piece of steel. The bridge was finally commissioned in 1921. One and only railway station trains travels same horizontal level in place is Demodara Railway station. It’s amazing point of Sri Lanka. Inventor of this technology is person who looks after cattle. There is a railway tunnel downside of the Demodara Railway station. The train comes through the tunnel and after travel about 400 m gap which round way then comes to Station. 
There is a popular story to say that when construction work was commenced on the bridge, the World War 1 broke out and the steel consignment assigned for this site was seized and was used for war related projects. When the work came to a standstill the Sri Lankan came forward and build the bridge with solid stone bricks and cement without steel.